Pull Up Machine

You’re a machine! It’s present day and you’ve been programmed for one thing: MORE PUSHUPS. Customize this design to rep your box and have pride as you mold your body into a well oiled machine! Choose colors, shirt style and more.  pull-up, fitness, fit, gym, box, machine, rep Read more »

Burpee Bootcamp

Who likes burpees? “Not I” says just about everybody. Show your humorous side with this design and even have room to put your gym name!  burpees, workout, fitness, gym, fit Read more »

Weights Before Dates

Looking for somebody who will commit? Start with yourself! Commit to your fitness goals even if that puts your romance goals on hold. These ladies fitness t-shirts are a great way to challenge and focus. Tet them in dri-fit or tank top or both. gym, workout, weight, train, fitness, WOD, fit, weights, ladies fitness gym Read more »

Flex or Fashion

Rep your Gym and look good doing it! Who says you can't workout while wearing an awesome and comfortable shirt? Especially when your shirt is fully customized! That's just what this design is: change anything you'd like from text to the weights, and even upgrade to a softer, fitting shirt. And it’s ok to flex to show off all that hard work; training and the customized shirt alike.  flex, weights, gym, workout, train, fitness Read more »

Fitness Shield

Get ready for your next WOD with some new gear! This design has been through some rough times but it's still standing; striving to be better and stronger. And you can make it better by customizing with your info. Add your gym name, the next big event, or replace the equipment with different ones. shield, train, fit, fitness, gym, weights, WOD, workout Read more »


Your team has done it! You outwitted every opponent and now your kingdom stands above all. Celebrate those victories by giving your GM's shirts to wear with pride. Whether they lead with the White King or the Black King, everyone will know your club hosts the Grandmasters of the game. chess, chess club, grandmaster Read more »

Battle of the Brains

Chess is the ultimate strategy game! So much planning, outmaneuvering, turning the tides, etc. Definitely a lot going on in each game and this design sums it all up. With the White King's army mirroring the Black King's army, everything comes down to which brain will claim victory. chess, chess club, battle of the brains Read more »

Soaring Eagles

Fly higher along with your good old eagle! He'll carry you to new places with his powerful wings. He also works perfectly as a hawk mascot. Just ask for Hawks instead of Eagles. Add in a distress layer and you have a vintage touch to add to your wardrobe. eagles, hawks, mascot, school spirit, spirit Read more »


Leap to the top with this panther! He has a goal and he's not going to let anything get in his way. Not even his own home name. Just like your group of ambitious individuals. But the school will still be there for support when needed. panthers, cougars, lions, school spirit, mascot Read more »