About Impact Shirts

Since 1993 we have been passionate about creating designs for the great people we work with.  We were founded with the idea that every order needs to have the best possible design.  Many of our clients didn’t have a budget for top notch design.  We decided to do something bold. We did it for free.  This is a big deal. People couldn’t believe it. While other companies charged around $60 per hour, we were willing to do it for free!  We realized that the design is a multiplying factor in any product that we make.  We also think of our customers as more like friends than anything and so we were willing to serve them this very important way, so that we knew they were getting the best end product possible.

Here we are well over 25 years later still providing the same service that we started to provide back in 1993.  Except now it’s better than ever; with specific design ideas and an entire staff of expert designers ready to serve you.

If you have any questions about how to get started or how we can serve you give us a call today – 818-366-1988 or email us  – guide@impactshirts.com

Our Core Values

Our goal is to serve everyday heroes looking for t-shirts–we do that through our vision and values. The combined power of all 6 of the core values working together to achieve the vision is greater than the sum of its parts. As a customer, you are a part of our vision, and we hope you are encouraged reading through these; we’d love to help bring your vision to life, too!

The Impact Vision: We thrive on guiding everyday leaders with excellence.

Serve with Joy

The bottom line of Serving with Joy is this: we treat everyone we meet like a friend. Because you are our friend! We’re on the same mission, so we want to do everything we can to meet you and your group’s needs. We strive to keep our promises, ask good questions, be reliable, be humble servants.

Building a longstanding relationship, we hope you begin to think of us as a part of your team.

Be Humble & Honest

Do all things with humility and integrity. That means honest prices, straightforwardness and honesty when communicating and making decisions. We choose humility and honesty because it helps us serve you best, which is our primary goal.

See the Big Picture

This is what keeps us from getting lost in the nitty gritty. Although the details matter, the big picture is what makes sure we stick to our values and run every decision through them. This means teamwork (you included!) and asking the right questions! For example, when you ask for 20 shirts, we might offer 25 so you can get a better price and have extras. 

Build & Maintain Trust

Strong relationships are built on mutual trust. We want you to know that we care about your ministry, and will work to earn your trust by delivering on our promises and guiding you through the entire process! Internally, we trust each other to complete our piece of each project well. So it doesn’t matter who you get on the phone, any one of us can pick up where you left off!

Pursue Growth & Learning

At Impact Shirts, we never want to stop improving. Individually, we’re always challenging ourselves to grow in both our strong and weak areas. Practically, we set personal goals, work outside of our comfort zone, embrace constructive criticism and work to grow aleaders.  We also want to educate you, and give you all the information you need about ordering t-shirts. We believe awareness has longterm benefits, like the confidence of knowing you’re getting what you need, at the right price.

Create & Innovate Systems

We do what we do by creating and innovating systems. Through trial and testing, we do our best to figure out the best process for completing something. No bandaid fixes. Once we figure it out, we document our steps and follow them company-wide. On top of this, we know that change is the only constant! All of the systems are subject to improvement.