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How do I get great t-shirts for my business?

Everywhere I look, I see people wearing t-shirts advertising businesses. The people wearing them could be owners or employees, or raving fans of the business.


Some of the t-shirts look great. Some look awful.


The more I think about it, I’m starting to believe that great design and the right style garment make a big difference in what makes a t-shirt wearable and draws attention to the business.


But when I think about buying t-shirts for my employees to represent my brand in public and advertise the business, I freeze up. I’m not a designer. I don’t have an artistic eye. I simply don’t know what makes a great t-shirt for my business.


So I took some time to examine the businesses that I admire, to review their brands, and to scrutinize their shirts. Here’s what I discovered.


Brand Matters

It doesn’t matter how cool your t-shirt is. If you don’t have a brand that communicates exactly what you do – and is consistent with your company’s product and culture, your t-shirts will never be effective at bringing in business. Focus first on what your company does well, defining your mission, and building a strong company culture.


Design Matters

Ask any designer what they think of Comic Sans or Papyrus fonts. You’ll quickly find out that there is a strong hatred for poor design decisions by people who know. You need to recognize that creating your own logo design using the rudimentary tools inside Microsoft Word will make your brand crash and burn. Invest your time in getting a quality design by an expert graphic designer who understands what you want your logo design and subsequent t-shirts to communicate. You’ll never regret making design a high priority.


Quality Matters

Nobody wants to wear a crummy shirt. That’s not to say that your employees (and even your best customers) won’t wear the shirts you give them. But when choosing company t-shirts, you want to keep in mind that quality t-shirts affect the wearer and the viewer in different ways. First, the employee who wears your gear every day is literally closest to this issue. They know how the shirts feel, how they wash, and how soon they wear out. Second, the customer can tell where you skimped. When they see your employees wearing t-shirts that look ratty and old after the first washing. Poor garments communicate a lack of care in the business as a whole.


With these thoughts in mind, I’m excited to put my head down and create a great brand, seek out an expert designer, and purchase only quality t-shirts for my business.