Money Saving Tips for Ordering Custom T-Shirts

Need the insider tips for saving your school money on T-Shirts? This Top 6 list can be put into practice no matter who prints your shirts… But we hope you choose

#6. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Let Shirt Color be your Extra Color

Use the shirt color in the design as one of the ink colors.  For example, if you are using green shirts with a tree, use black ink for the outline of the tree, but use the green fabric of the shirt as the leaves rather than printing another green color.

#5. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Order With the Price Breaks

Make sure you order according to the price breaks. (or ask for special pricing if you fall between two different price breaks) For example: If you need 140 shirts, you can save money by ordering up to the next price bracket of 150. (130 shirts X $5.99 each is $838.60), increase your order to 150 shirts ($5.59 each X 150 shirts is $838.50!) Thats right! get 10 T-shirts for FREE, by making the next price break!

#4. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Fewer Colors = Lower Cost

Reduce the number of colors printed. For Example: Take a 4 color shirt down to 2 colors and you could save $1.40 per shirt! (based on 75 shirts) Our design team can make a design very effective with fewer colors and you get the savings

#3. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Print Only One Side

Print only 1 side of the shirt. You can save upwards of $100.00 if you’re ordering 75 shirts by printing on only the front or the back of the shirt… But not both. The same goes for a sleeve print or a pocket print! We can often include all the information you would like on just a single side and make it look great.  That will also make your budget look great!!!

#2. To Save Money on T-Shirts… White Shirts Cost Less  

Print on white shirts, not colored shirts and save $1.00 per shirt in most cases!  White shirts are cheaper than colors for two reasons. First, the cotton used to make T-shirts is a natural color when it is first manufactured. Then it must be “bleached” to make it white. Then dyed to make the desired color, by eliminating the dye process you can save money. Second, printing on colored shirts takes a more ink, so it too cost a bit more.

And the number one way to save money when ordering custom t-shirts…

#1. To Save Money on T-Shirts… Use Same Design for Kids & Staff

Combine staff and kids shirts by using the same design on different colored shirts. This is my favorite way to save money. Find a single design that can work for both staff and kids. Then you can get one color for your staff and a second color for the kids. This way you are actually turning two small orders into one big order. This can really save you ALOT! Example: 100 kids = $5.99ea + 50 Staff = $7.29ea, Combine them together for one order of 150 shirts and then you will only pay $5.49 per shirt. Savings: $131.60

Feel free to call us at 888-812-4044 to discuss how we can put these strategies to work for you!