Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a shirt sizing sample?

Sure thing. We can help you choose what’s best whether it be sizing or colors.Call to request a sample and we’ll get it right out to you – 888.812.4044. Some charges apply.

Does your glow ink really glow?

It sure does! Hold your shirt up to a light source and watch it shine at night. Our glow ink also only comes in the classic glow color.

Can I print over seams or zippers?

We can't print over seams or zippers because your design won't come out just right. The machine needs a flat surface to guarantee a clean even layer of ink. Any uneven surfaces will cause the ink to build up in some places or not print at all in others.

What if I need to order under the 12 minimum?

We don't recommend ordering less than 12 shirts at a time because screen printing is done in bulk. A $10 shirt produced on its own can easily cost $50.Since your shirts are printed in bulk, the cost gets cheaper the more shirts you order. The costly part is in the setting up of your shirt production. Your design goes from film, to screen, to print, and each color needs its own film as well. It's very rewarding to see the end product but it's also a complicated process.This is also why every design is priced separately.

Can I get a sample shirt made first, before I place my full order?

Unfortunately, because of the time and cost required to make screens and set up the press printing samples is cost prohibitive.  We are happy to provide digital mockups. If you would like to get some blank sample t-shirts just give us a call and we can get those to you right away.  888-812-4044

What are some tips for saving money on T-Shirts?

Here are 6 Money Saving Tips for your T-Shirt order.

Is shipping really free?

Yes, 2 week Delivery is Free to the 48 contiguous United States.  We also offer rush service if you need them sooner. You can read about it on our Shipping and Delivery Page.

What are the benefits of ordering from Impact Spirit Wear?

We don’t know of any other place where friendly designers will work with you for free until you have the design exactly the way you want it. Add to that our satisfaction guarantee and on-time guarantee. We like to think we're the best choice... period!

How does the design process work?

It's easy. You tell us what you want and we work with you to create it. Get started HERE.

What brand of T-Shirts does Impact Spirit Wear use?

Any kind of shirt you like!  Our go-to brand is Gildan right now, but we use about 40 different brands and have access to just about anything you can imagine.

Can I return shirts that I don’t use?

We're sorry, but no. Each shirt we print is made just for you. We cannot take returns on printed apparel.

Can I submit my own design to be printed?

Yes, go to upload artwork to submit your own design.

Do you do custom designs from scratch?

Yes, and it’s still free if you are going to be printing products through us.  Otherwise you can call us for a quote and we can give you pricing to purchase artwork from us.

Can I just get artwork and not order any shirts?

Yes, we do artwork and logos for schools all the time. Our prices are very reasonable. You can purchase any of our templates adjusted for you for $75.00 or call us for a quote for any custom job!  888-812-4044

What if I need to order more shirts later?

We can do it, but it can be more expensive!

If we can save one person from this mistake, then we've done our job. Many times people order exactly the number of T-Shirts they need, not considering unexpected people to show up, or sign up at the last moment. Then we get the panic call, I need 6 more shirts!!! That's where the trouble begins.

Here's why…

It costs us about $100.00 in Labor to set up the press for an average order. That’s only about 75¢ per shirt when you are printing 150 shirts, but its over $16.00 per shirt when we are printing just 6 shirts! So your $5.00 shirt just went to $21.00! That’s a budget buster!!!

The moral of the story is this: Make sure you order a few extra shirts just to be safe.

Can I pay after the shirts arrive?

Ideally, we would like payment anywhere from upfront to within a week of placing your order. We will also need a Purchase Order before we can proceed further.We offer a few payment options…
  • Online by Electronic Check, Credit Card, or Debit Card. Click here.
  • School Check, with a check payment agreement, its just 1 page.
  • Personal Checks need to clear the bank before we ship.

Can I get two different shirt colors in the same order?

Yep!  In fact we encourage it!  As long as the design is the same we can print on different color shirts for no additional charge. If you want to change the ink colors, there is a $10.00 charge per color change added to your total.

Can I combine two different shirts with the same design for a better price?

Usually, as long as the design is the same, you can combine any combination of shirts to reach your price break.  For example you may order 24 Sweatshirts, 12 Long sleeves and 12 Short sleeves to reach the 48 price level.

Is my ordered guaranteed to be delivered on time?

Yes, we guarantee UPS shipments.  We cannot be responsible for acts of God or if nobody is at the address when the UPS driver attempts to deliver your package.

How does my order get delivered?

Usually UPS, however sometimes the post office is less expensive or even faster when going to Alaska or Hawaii.

How long does it take? What's the turnaround time?

Free 2 week delivery. Cool, right?If you need it quicker, you've got some speedy options. For more details see our Shipping & Delivery page.

What are your prices?

You can find out how much the shirts cost by clicking on any t-shirt design that you find under our design categories. You will also be happy to know that we never charge for artwork or set up, and 2 week delivery is free!